Exterior Upgrades

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We are skilled in all aspects of exterior work for your home or office. From full painting services, to touch ups, installation of new fencing, entryways, new doors or windows, sidewalks and more. We are here to make your home look and feel its best!! 

Kitchen Remodeling
The kitchen is king in the home. All the family uses the kitchen throughout the day, and of course a happy kitchen means a happy family! We are experienced at working with the homeowners to create kitchens of their dreams!! Putting in new cabinets, new tile backsplash, new appliances, more storage, new sink and plumbing, new pantry, new flooring and shelving or any other detail that will make the kitchen shine!! 
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Putting in new floor treatments can markedly change the look and feel of your home or office. Alamo Handyman has expert craftsmen who can remove your old flooring, repair any damage that may be found underneath and then put in new flooring of your choice: wood, laminate, carpet, tile, etc, the choices are limitless, and we can do it all. Let us help you make your home a palace with new flooring of your choice! 
Floor repairs and replacements
The room in the home that is most often remodeled is the bathroom. Alamo Handyman knows how to make your bathroom become beautiful and comfortable. We have skilled craftsmen who can put in new tile on the walls or floors, new vanities, mirrors and any other plumbing fixtures you may desire. We upgrade shower and bathtub stalls to any configuration. Let us help you make your bathroom an oasis!! 
Home or Office Repairs
At Alamo Handyman, we have experience in any home/office repairs or upgrades that you may need: from adding a room, repairing fashia boards, eaves and overhangs, plumbing, electrical, windows and more. We can improve your home with weatherization and energy upgrades that make your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Let us help you complete your repair needs!
Concrete Work, Lawn and Garden Spaces, fencing
We know how much you cherish your yard and gardens and how nice it is to come home and relax in the great outdoors, so we specialize in creating brick or concrete patios, pergolas or pavilions, concrete or brick walks that will make your yard beautiful. We can also solve drainage problems for you! Let us create a wonderful space for you to entertain and relax!! 
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